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#Exercise in the morning or evening? The timing has different effects in an organ-specific manner – at least in mice. Published in @Cell_Metabolism, researchers offer the Atlas of Exercise Metabolism as a guide for future studies.

We’re looking forward to hearing our CEO @ericverdin speak at @Columbiamsph's Centennial Events on January 26 @ 4:30pm EST. Virtual Webinar ➡️ Longevity Research and the Clinic: the geroscience hypothesis. Sign up for free at

Researchers @IcahnMountSinai analyzed the genetic activity of thousands of human microglia, the brain’s immune cells. Findings @NatureGenet support link between those cells and some cases of #Alzheimers and #Parkinsons.

Inflammatory markers for #Alzheimers are conspicuous at early stages, based on a study of cerebrospinal fluid from more than 1,000 older adults. Good news from @NeuroCellPress: some of the markers seem to be involved in damage control.

#Obesity increases the risk for #cancer. Why? Study @NatureComms shows that lipids associated with obesity make cancer cells more aggressive and likely to form tumors.