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“The major modulators of aging remain to be discovered”
@BuckInstitute start-up Gerostate Alpha reveals work to develop small molecule drugs that simultaneously target multiple pathways of aging.

#longevity #GerostateAlpha #SimonMelov

Gerostate Alpha: “Our phenotype is #lifespan”...
@BuckInstitute start-up’s founders talk drug discovery, indications and raising funding.

#longevity #GerostateAlpha #SimonMelov #phenotype

What do you do if you think targeting the #hallmarksofaging is a biased approach? Start a company, of course! Get the inside scoop on Buck-born startup Gerostate Alpha, which is using an unbiased drug screening approach to tackle key aging phenotypes.

The first-ever issue of @NatureAging (insert birthday/longevity pun here), @EricVerdin and Herb Kasler provide commentary on new work from @Emma_S_Chambers and @Akbarlab describing the effects of #inflammaging on #adapativeimmunity

The Buck seeks a new faculty member at the rank of Assistant Professor. We are looking for an individual who works in the field of Aging Research and/or Age-related diseases with a specific interest and expertise in Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics: