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The San Francisco Chapter of the American Institute of Architects will explore the built environment.

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Feast or famine, but maybe not both. New data suggest that drosophila switching from #caloricrestriction to a calorie-rich diet had shorter average lifespan than those who ate a high calorie diet the whole time. #livebetterlonger

You can choose your diet, but can your cardiomyocytes? In mice, switching them back to glucose (like during development) might improve their regenerative capacity and prevent #heartfailure. #livebetterlonger

We know about exercising to help your brain, but what about the reverse? A new study from Berkeley found that glial cells (neuronal support cells) send long-lasting signals to support muscle cells and increase lifespan in C. elegans #livebetterlonger

Not only is the microbiome important for #immune regulation, but there are distinct niches with cell-type specific activation. Lots of great new insights from the @humancellatlas and @sangerinstitute #livebetterlonger

Today in sentences you never thought you’d read: IBM (along w/ UCSD) can use your poop to estimate your age. But it’s actually pretty cool! Turns out there are lots of age-predictive changes to the #microbiome #livebetterlonger