Postdoctoral Training Opportunities

Postdoctoral Training Opportunities

The Buck Institute is dedicated to fostering the growth of postdoctoral researchers at the forefront of aging research. Our program aims to provide a comprehensive training experience that equips our postdocs with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the scientific community. Here's what you can expect from our Postdoctoral Training experience at Buck:

 Cutting-Edge Research: Our program is firmly grounded in cutting-edge research, offering you the chance to be part of groundbreaking projects and contribute to scientific advancements in the aging research field.

Collaboration with Top Scientists: You'll have the opportunity for daily collaboration with leading scientists in the field of aging research. This fosters an environment where you can thrive and learn from the best.

Access to Technical Cores: Buck hosts state-of-the-art technical cores, which ensures that you have the tools and resources necessary to conduct your research effectively.

Professional and Leadership Skills: Beyond research in your mentor’s lab, we focus on developing your professional and leadership skills in core competencies to prepare you for a successful career in the scientific community.

Dedicated Postdoc Office: Our academic Postdoc Office, led by CSO Malene Hansen and executive administrator/educational coordinator Alyssa West, is here to help support and guide you through your postdoctoral training outside of your mentor’s lab.

If you're interested in postdoctoral training positions at the Buck Institute, please visit our Careers page. For any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact our Postdoctoral Office by emailing Alyssa West. We look forward to welcoming you to our program and helping you realize your full potential in the field of aging research.

Our professional development workshops are tailored to helping postdocs excel in their careers. Workshops range from Resume/CV tips to how to apply to academic faculty position. Topics are developed in collaboration with the Buck Postdoctoral Association.

Podium Pointers is a training program dedicated to refining oral presentation and communication skills. It equips postdocs with the ability to proficiently present their research findings at conferences and seminars, ensuring that their research reaches a broader audience.

Our internal research seminars and journal clubs provide an opportunity for postdocs to present their ongoing research to the Buck community.

The VITAL Research Symposium is an interdisciplinary event that showcases the latest cutting-edge research conducted by postdoctoral researchers across all disciplines within the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. The VITAL Research Symposium provides an excellent opportunity for scientists and community members to engage with the latest aging research, network with researchers, and participate in thought-provoking discussions. 

The VITAL Research Symposium incorporates sessions for researchers, general audiences, and a panel highlighting alumni paths to successful careers.

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This bi-annual, one-day symposium (hosted at UCSF, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and the Buck Institute) brings together the aging research community in the Bay Area, offering postdocs a chance to learn from and network with leading scholars and fellow researchers.

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We place a strong emphasis on ethical research practices, and postdocs receive RCR training to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of integrity in their research endeavors.

Postdoctoral training in aging research

An opportunity to put yourself at the forefront of the field.

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