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We believe that private philanthropy can play a vital role in identifying novel new approaches and accelerating mission critical research in the fight against COVID-19. Join us in bringing science and philanthropy together to solve this very real and immediate threat.

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Many of our current research projects which are focused on aging, healthspan, and longevity are critical to better understanding why older individuals are at higher-risk of Covid-related disease and death. Accelerating our research on the basic mechanisms of aging and how to improve and extend healthspan can lead to breakthroughs to combat Sars-Cov-2 now and in the future.

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Because COVID-19 disproportionately impacts older adults and there is a direct correlation between increased age and negative outcomes, the current pandemic has particular meaning for the Buck Institute. We are taking an all hands on deck approach to tackling this pandemic, bringing our unique expertise in the biology of aging to local, national, and international efforts to find treatments for COVID-19. To meet the urgent need of the moment and bring critical resources to bear, contributions to the COVID-19 Research Fund will be directed by Buck President, Dr. Eric Verdin, to the areas of highest need and greatest promise, to initiate new and novel experiments, and to seize emerging research opportunities as they arise. Special projects currently being led by Buck Principal Investigators are exploring:

  • Whether there is an imbalance between the innate and adaptive immune response in aged patients making them more vulnerable to the CoV-2 virus
  • Whether chronic inflammation acts to “prime” the immune system for a strong innate response, which leads to more critical outcomes for CoV-2 positive patients
  • How mechanisms of aging serve to drive and accelerate the proliferation and severity of COVID-19


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The Impact Circle is a unique peer-based, collaborative funding opportunity pooling together the resources of many passionate donors who collectively support and follow one innovative, high-impact project led by two or more Buck scientists. Impact Circle projects typically represent blue-sky, out-of-the-box thinking, that could have a transformative impact but might not otherwise be funded through traditional funding sources. It provides donors exclusive access to the scientific enterprise and front-row seats to bench-side science. To learn more or to join the Buck’s Covid-19 Impact Circle, please contact Lisa Palma at 415.209.2027 or

Support our Groundbreaking Research

As a global leader in researching the biology of aging and aging-related diseases, the Buck is doing everything possible to apply our scientific expertise and resources to better understand why older adults are more at-risk and vulnerable to disease, like Covid-19. Please support our research efforts by making a tax deductible gift to the Buck, an independent, nonprofit research institute, or by making a grant from your donor-advised fund or private foundation. To learn more about recommending a grant to the Buck and about a special research project designed with donor advisors in mind, please visit our  Donor Advised Fund page.

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