Clinical Trials at the Buck

Conducting groundbreaking research at the intersection of the molecular biology of aging and clinical function.

Translational research comes to Buck

The Buck Institute opened a dedicated Clinical Research Unit in 2022. The Buck CRU conducts groundbreaking research at the intersection of the molecular biology of aging and clinical function in older adults. Work in the CRU investigates how discoveries by Buck Scientists in model organisms can impact human health and resilience. The Unit, led by Geriatric Physician- Scientist, John Newman MD, PhD and supported by experienced clinical research scientists, research associates, and registered nurses, is a dedicated space that includes examination rooms, biospecimen processing, and specialized tools to measure physical and cognitive function.

Research Match

Clinical research cannot happen without volunteers like you! The Buck is proud to support a nationwide recruitment effort for clinical research called ResearchMatch. ResearchMatch is an online registry that can help you find research studies that you might want to participate in. It also helps researchers find volunteers they need for their studies. Please consider signing up to ResearchMatch to be notified if you are eligible for clinical research studies at The Buck, and other studies underway throughout the country. Please follow this link to sign up for Research Match: 

ResearchMatch is also available in Spanish! Volunteers can now sign-up in Spanish and receive Spanish messages from ResearchMatch about research studies. 

Clinical Trials Recruitment

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Ketone Ester (BIKE) Study CLOSED

The safety and tolerance of ketone drinks in older adults
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Strategies to Augment Ketosis (STAK)

Variations in Ketone Metabolism (VKM) [STAK-VKM]
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Targeting Aging with a Ketone Ester for Function in Frailty (TAKEOFF)

Determining if putting at-risk older adults into ketosis can stave off frailty
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Molecular Optimization via Exercise (MOVE) Study

Exploring the effects of exercise on aging
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Collaborating with the Buck

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