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Postdoctoral training in aging research

An opportunity to put yourself at the forefront of the field.

Program Training Overview

At the Buck Institute, you will find a place to thrive through daily collaboration with the top scientists in the field. We understand that postdoctoral researchers are at the forefront of the scientific advancement of the aging research field, and our mission is to provide them with a holistic training experience that enables them to realize their full potential. Postdoctoral training at the Buck Institute is rooted in cutting-edge research, access to top-notch technical cores, and the cultivation of professional and leadership skills in core competencies. The postdoctoral training at the Buck Institute aims to facilitate a seamless transition into a rewarding and successful career in the scientific community, and is facilitated by our academic Postdoc Office, currently led by CSO Malene Hansen and executive administrator/educational coordinator Alyssa West.

For postdoctoral training positions at the Buck Institute, please visit our Careers page.  For any questions, please contact our Postdoctoral Office by emailing Alyssa West.

Postdoctoral Training Overview

Our postdoctoral training opportunities at the Buck Institute offer a rich and multifaceted experience aimed at fostering professional growth and scientific excellence. We provide a comprehensive array of resources and programs in alignment with the core competencies of the National Postdoctoral Association. Our goal is to train and help develop world-class leaders in the field of aging research.

Career Planning

Career planning is a pivotal aspect of our commitment to postdoctoral success at the Buck Institute. We understand that postdocs have diverse career aspirations, whether in academia, industry, government, or nonprofit sectors. Our career-planning resources are designed to empower postdocs with the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to navigate their unique career paths successfully. Through one-on-one career counseling, workshops, and networking events, we help postdocs realize their career goals, identify suitable opportunities, and develop effective strategies for pursuing their desired career trajectories. Additionally, we provide guidance on crafting compelling CVs, honing interview skills, and building professional networks to ensure that postdocs are well-prepared to transition into fulfilling and impactful careers beyond their postdoctoral training. At the Buck Institute, we support your experimental research training in your faculty mentor’s lab by providing additional ‘off-the-bench’ tools and support that will help you reach your career objectives.

Individual Development Plan

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) serves as a valuable tool for exploring and defining your training goals, professional development needs, and career objectives with your faculty mentor. It guides you to reflect on your current position and where you aspire to be, outlining concrete steps for goal attainment. It is imperative that each postdoctoral researcher completes and discusses an IDP with their faculty mentor on an annual basis. This practice underscores our commitment to your growth and development throughout your postdoctoral journey.

See more information on IDP’s from the national Institute of Health


There are three programs that help provide funding for Buck postdocs and their projects.

Buck Community

Working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato presents a range of compelling perks and advantages. Here, you’ll be at the forefront of cutting-edge research in the field of aging, interacting with top-tier scientists in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment. Access to state-of-the-art research facilities ensures the quality and impact of your work. Mentorship and guidance from experienced faculty and staff members will nurture your skills and career aspirations.

Situated in the scenic Marin County, the Buck Institute’s tranquil campus offers an inspiring setting for your research endeavors and professional training. A supportive community and social events enhance your overall experience. Additionally, access to research funding opportunities and competitive health and wellness benefits further enrich your professional journey. Most importantly, your work here contributes to impactful research that has the potential to improve the lives of individuals as they age, making your role as a postdoc at the Buck Institute profoundly meaningful and rewarding.

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Postdoc Events

The Buck Institute provides valuable opportunities for postdoctoral scholars to network, collaborate, and further their research and professional development. Below are just a few of the events and training opportunities that are currently offered to our postdoctoral researchers as part of their training experience at Buck:

VITAL– The VITAL Research Symposium is an interdisciplinary event that showcases the latest cutting-edge research conducted by postdoctoral researchers across all disciplines within the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

Internal Research Seminars – Our Weekly Internal Research Seminars provide our researchers the opportunity to share their latest findings, fostering knowledge exchange and promoting collaborative exploration of innovative ideas.

Journal Clubs –  Journal Clubs at the Buck Institute provide an opportunity to convene to critically evaluate and discuss recent research articles or papers, facilitating in-depth analysis and knowledge dissemination.

Communication Training – Podium Pointers is a training initiative to practice your oral presentation, e.g., Internal Research Seminar or conference talk, in front of a lay audience, and get feedback to improve it. Likewise, the Postdoc Office offers regular Poster Pointer workshops to help with poster presentations for various research meetings.

Academic Workshop for Trainees – In collaboration with our Postdoctoral Association, we offer a variety of workshops to support the professional development of our trainees. Some of our most recent offerings included a Resume/CV workshop, Academic Job Search workshop, and Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness (DiSC) personality workshop.

Postdoc Appreciation Week – Every year in the 3rd week of September, the Buck Institute participates in the National Postdoc Appreciation Week to show our appreciation for the contributions of our postdoctoral community.

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