Center for Reproductive Longevity and Equality

Exploring the critical relationship between reproductive function and aging.

While aging research is seeing unprecedented acceleration, how and why ovaries age faster than the rest of the body is understudied. Thanks to a significant gift from the Bia-Echo Foundation, the Buck has established the Center for Reproductive Longevity and Equality (CRLE). This is the first facility anywhere in the world focused solely on reproductive longevity and equality as it relates to aging and ending the threat of age-related disease.

Our goal is to conduct basic research to understand the mechanisms of female reproductive aging and develop strategies to prevent or delay ovarian aging. Menopause uncovers health risks in women’s bodies that impact bone, cognitive, cardiovascular and immune function. We want to understand why human women undergo a decline in fertility in midlife (menopause), why it varies between individuals, and why it correlates with life span. We think that understanding how and why ovaries age prematurely may provide important clues about aging in other tissues, as many hallmarks of aging are shared between ovaries and other tissues. We are part of the GCRLE network and collaborate with research groups around the world and promote open access data sharing.

  • Jennifer Garrison, PhD  Assistant Professor

    Garrison lab page

  • Francesca Duncan, PhD  Assistant Professor in Residence

    Duncan website

  • Polina Lishko, PhD  Adjunct Associate Professor

    Lishko website

  • Eric Verdin, MD  Professor, President and CEO of Buck Institute

    Verdin lab page

  • Deena Emera, PhD  Senior Scientist and Writer in Residence

    Dr. Emera’s CV

  • Bikem Soygur Kaya  Reproductive Biology Hub Director

  • Emily Jacobs, PhD  Adjunct Associate Professor

    Jacobs Website

  • Pranam Chatterjee, PhD  Adjunct Assistant Professor

    Chatterjee Website

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Jennifer Garrison
Assistant Professor

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