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Congrats to Tara Tracy, recipient of @McKnightBrain1 Innovator Award in Cognitive Aging and Memory Loss! The $750K award supports her investigation of KIBRA, a protein that plays an important role in the normal function of synapses. Thanks @AFARorg

Buck Podcast: Episode 4 LIVE! Guest @foundmyfitness
joins Gordon to explore insights from studies on #nutrition, #exercise, #inflammation, psychological stress, and more, as well as the crucial role of science communicators in today’s media.

Our latest blog post introduces Buck professor @birgits61642917, one of the most collaborative scientists in the field of age research. Birgit is our mass spectrometry guru and is working with human tissue samples to understand how cells talk to each other

Another reason to keep moving: new study in twins links exercise to positive epigenetic changes. Research in @SciReports shows more active twins had epigenetic markers linked to lowered metabolic syndrome ➡️ lead to heart disease, stroke & type 2 diabetes

Brain aging is not one-size-fits-all. Congrats to Furman lab for study @PNASNews which breaks open black box between aging & neurodegeneration. Research shows functional brain networks are affected in different ways by aging, gender & blood immune factors