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Look at what we received from Mateo from the Liberty School District in Petaluma, CA! This made our day! Thank you!! Mateo! Come visit us and meet our scientists!! They'll give you a tour of their labs.

Congrats to all the students presenters who won awards today!! 🏆🏆🏆#buckstudentagingsymposium #bsas2023

We are thrilled and honored to have @DenaDubal at the Buck this morning for our annual BSAS meeting. #buckstudentagingsymposium #bsas2023

Do we have new target to combat frailty? Study in @NatMetabolism points to deficiency in one key enzyme in a lipid biosynthesis pathway as a driver of muscle degeneration. Research involving #PCYT2 took place in human tissue samples, mice and zebrafish.

Study in @LancetLongevity shows declines in dual-task walking performance may be early indicator of accelerated aging. Researchers at @H_SeniorLIfe found decline, which usually kicks in at 55, is caused by changes in underlying brain function