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More details on research that shows 500% lifespan extension in C. elegans: Researchers gave the worms the huge leap in lifespan when they engineered mutations in two different cellular pathways known to influence aging and lifespan. #livebetterlonger

Boosting #mTORC2 in aging flies ⬆ #autophagy and restores heart function almost completely. Flies with overexpressed mTORC2 also had longer #lifespan #livebetterlonger

"Mitochondrial failure is a feature of many neurodegenerative disorders and something that must be corrected if neurons are to survive" says Dr. Ronald Davis from @ScrippsFlorida. New screening tech can help us find new ways to do this! #livebetterlonger

When it comes to familial #frontotemporaldementia, nature can beat genetics. Staying active both physically and mentally provides resilience even in those with a strong family history of the disease. #livebetterlonger