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#Intermittent fasting gets a 👍🏼 as a powerful strategy to prevent and manage diabetes and heart disease. @EndoSocJournals, researchers explore the science, recent clinical studies and plans for future research.

The tiny nematode #Celegans can listen through their skin! This workhorse of research on aging continues to amaze us. Research from @umich is published in @neurocellpress

Given that health benefits from dietary restriction are not “one size fits all,” Buck researchers pitch a new sub-specialty: precision nutrigeroscience. The detailed primer in @cell_metabolism is a must read for those interested in aging and nutrition.

Great primer with a forward by our own @jenngarrison on ovarian aging and women’s health. Check it out @LongevityTech

Can eating less fat stave off hair loss? A study in aging mice in @nature found that #obesity can lead to depletion of hair follicle stem cells, thanks to certain inflammatory signals which block follicle regeneration.