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Register for this deeper dive into #aging and #cancer hosted by the the Oklahoma @NathanShockCtrs and @OUHealth Stephenson Cancer Center. The Buck's Judy Campisi is one of the presenters!

All summer we've been mailing out kits for kids to do science with us! Our August kit is a build-your-own microscope from @TeamFoldscope. These kits are free thanks to a generous grant from the Winnifred Johnson Clive Foundation. Sign up at the link!

Buck Job Alert! The Melov lab at the Buck Institute is looking for a highly motivated in vivo Research Associate II or Scientist to help drive a project focused on the use of simple and complex mouse models. Learn more and apply here:

#NatMetabPicks | Publishing in @Nature, a group led by Heinrich Jasper (@BuckInstitute) uncovers glial metabolic reprogramming by gut-derived cytokines, resulting in changes in the perception of olfaction.

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