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Hot of the Buck blog press! Read how scientists are leveraging #iPSC technology to improve aging #livebetterlonger

Deficiency in the DNA repair protein ERCC1 triggers a link between #senescence and apoptosis in human fibroblasts and mouse skin by Judith Campisi's group @BuckInstitute

The t-loop sounds like a complex metro rail system but it’s actually a vital and dynamic #telomerestructure that helps protect #DNA. New work in @nature provides insights into how t-loops are regulated to wind and unwind at the right time #livebetterlonger

#autophagy is usually good, but maybe you don’t want too much recycling when #DNA is loose in the cell, like during #mitosis. New work shows CDK1, not mTORC1, works to suppress autophagy during mitosis #livebetterlonger

Yes, google, we did mean #elovanoids and not flavonoids. Research from med school at @LSUHealthNO finds elovanoids (class of compounds from fatty acids) can act as #senolytics & protect against models of #Alzheimers & #maculardegeneration #livebetterlonger