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Another shout out for #metformin! In studies in mice the common diabetes drug (which may slow aging) shows promise as a treatment for COVID-19 lung inflammation. Metformin inhibited IL-1B and inflammasome assembly in immune cells found in the lungs.

Meet our scientists! Brazilian postdoc @su_benitez models Alzheimer`s in flies & found specific signaling pathway which is over-activated. Preliminary experiments show same over-activation happens in mice with Alzheimer`s. She's now testing a drug that modulates this pathway.

Thank you, #nakedmolerat paper. We needed you to make it through the rest of the week! Nice summary of of what we know so far about these remarkable creatures coming from @UniofBradford

In our GLI #mentor appreciation post this week we thank Prof. Julie Anderson of @BuckInstitute & Prof. Yuli Tamir of @shenkar_m for their generosity with their time. Thank you for imparting your wisdom to our students!

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Learning a new language, or how to play the guitar? Give yourself a break – at least a short one! A study from #NIH shows that breaks may help our brains learn new skills.