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Congrats to the Haghighi lab! Study in @PNASNews uncovers a new role for the blood-brain barrier in neuron function and damage. Findings in #Drosophila open up a potential new avenue for therapies aimed at countering #neurodegeneration.

Science says there is a best way to take pills! Researchers @JohnsHopkins say pills dissolve much faster when we lay on our right side to take them. They tested four postures.  To see which one is worst go to:

Today we announced positive data from the Ph 2 BEHOLD study of UBX1325 in diabetic macular edema. The 12- and 18-week results are a promising step in validating our #senolytic platform and supports the potential of UBX1325 in retinovascular diseases.

Thank you Navigage for funding the USC-Buck PhD Program for over 5 years now! We're so grateful for their continuous support of our graduate students who do amazing work at Buck.
From left to right: Vickie Hatos, @beappbeapp, Sidharth Madhavan, Judy Vallas, @jenngarrison

Feeling exhausted after hours of intense cognitive work is not an illusion. Study in @CurrentBiology shows long bouts of thinking hard causes potentially toxic byproducts to build up in the prefrontal cortex, which alters your control over decisions.