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Working to create a world where everyone can have
healthy minds and healthy bodies at every age.

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A mission-driven community
of investigators

The Buck is a collective of the world’s top scientists in the field of aging who are sharing their methods and
expertise to find ways to help everyone lead fuller, healthier lives by ending age-related disease.

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Advancing the frontiers
of research on aging

Using cutting-edge science to tackle aging, the #1 risk factor for chronic disease.

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Our mission is to end the threat of age-related disease for this and future generations

We believe it is possible for people to enjoy their lives at 95 as much as they do at 25, and to achieve that, we’re seeking a more comprehensive understanding of the biology of aging itself.

Advancing the frontiers
of aging research

Using cutting-edge science to tackle aging, the #1 risk factor for chronic disease.

Chronic inflammation causes a reduction in NAD+

Buck research links hallmarks of aging: senescent cells activate CD38 which degrades NAD+, a key metabolite implicated in age-related decline

A metabolite produced by the body increases lifespan and dramatically compresses late-life morbidity in mice

Alpha-ketaglutarate improves several measures of healthspan in double-blind study

What is your COVID-19 budget?

A COVID-19 update with a framework for thinking about holiday celebrations

“What I want people to know about the Buck is the incredible commitment and excitement that permeates the walls of this institution. We are pushing the frontiers in an area that is going to impact all of humanity. I cannot tell you exactly when this will happen, but I can tell you big discoveries will come out of the Buck.”

Eric Verdin, MD, Buck Institute President and CEO

The Buck Institute mourns the passing of Paul F. Glenn

Major champion of research on aging.

The Buck is awarded three federal grants to target aging to prevent or cure Alzheimer’s disease.

The Buck is thrilled to announce that we have received nearly $10M in funding from the NIH for a geroscience approach to developing treatments for Alzheimers.

Global Consortium for Reproductive Longevity & Equality Announces First Grant Recipients

22 Researchers Selected to Receive $7.4 million in Grant Funding to Advance the Field of Reproductive Aging
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A very happy and healthy Thanksgiving from the Buck Institute #livebetterlonger

Looking to connect the dots between senescence, senolytics, inflammation, NAD, CD38, metabolism AND #aging? @singularityhub has a great writeup of @ACovarrubiasPhD recent @natmetabolism paper making these connections for the 1st time

We hope you're celebrating safely, including monitoring your blood sugar!

#Biomarkers and assessing biological vs. chronological age are super important as we move toward aging therapies. @AARP dives into the issue and interviews our own @EricVerdin about modifiable vs. genetic #healthspan factors.

We'll tell you this one now so you can forget by Thanksgiving: more plants in your diet are better than fewer plants! @livebetterlonger

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