Advanced degrees in the biology of aging

The Buck provides several avenues to further your education in geroscience.

A unique and welcoming environment

The Buck Institute provides a unique and welcoming environment for current or prospective graduate students who want to pursue studies focused on the aging process or age-related diseases. Our many collaborative research efforts facilitate a rich learning environment as well as opportunities for interactions with scientists in various disciplines, e.g., genetics, metabolism, cell biology, neuroscience, and physiology. PhD students sponsored by their home country, or a degree-granting organization can complete their doctoral studies under the mentorship and supervision of one of our faculty. As outlined below, three programs also operate in close association with the Buck Institute.

Master of Science programs

Two Master’s programs are currently admitting new students to perform full-time research in Buck’s laboratories, as well as take courses taught by Buck faculty. The two-year Biological Sciences Master’s program with Dominican University of California provides students with the opportunity to perform research projects in Buck Institute laboratories. In addition, the Buck Institute collaborates with Touro University, to host master’s students who are completing Touro’s 10-month Medical Health Sciences program. These programs provide students with full-time research experience and teach them the necessary skills to continue their careers in scientific fields.

PhD Program in the Biology of Aging

The Buck Institute and University of Southern California joined forces in 2014 to create a unique Ph.D. program, which enables the next generation of scientists to enter the field fully prepared to participate and make their own breakthroughs aimed at extending human healthspan. The final class of this joint program matriculated in the fall semester of 2023, and the joint program will no longer be open for admission. Currently enrolled students will complete their research at the Buck Institute and graduate with PhD degrees from University of Southern California.

Graduate education is an important part of our mission and will continue at the Buck Institute. We are currently exploring ideas for new PhD programs, ideally for roll out in 2024. We plan to actively post updates here.

For other training opportunities, please check out our Postbaccalaureate and Summer Scholars Programs.

Graduate Student Society

All graduate students who perform their research at the Buck Institute automatically become members of the Buck’s Graduate Student Society (GSS). This student-run organization provides a platform for students to develop additional plans for their career and social growth while also working closely with the Buck administration and faculty to improve the overall experience for all graduate students at the Buck. The GSS meets monthly to discuss advocacy for student life at the Buck, schedule career development seminars, organize social gatherings, and discuss ways to improve students’ overall educational experience.

The GSS also hosts the annual Buck Student Aging Symposium, an all-day internal conference which provides students an opportunity to present their research to the Buck community.

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