Dear Friends of the Buck,

As the new President and CEO of the Buck Institute. I have the privilege and responsibility to provide strategic vision and leadership to an outstanding team of scientists focused on one of the most crucial biomedical challenges of our time: How do we alter the aging process in order to prevent, delay, or cure the chronic diseases that afflict almost all of us as we grow older? Aging without illness is our overarching goal! I am confident that we will soon make great progress and reach that goal. Buck faculty are noted for groundbreaking research. We are exploring several key fundamental processes in aging: how nutrition and exercise affect aging; how to enhance stem cell function for rejuvenation; how genes and small molecules can prolong lifespan; how aging predisposes to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other chronic diseases of aging. I am very optimistic about the Buck’s future based on the passion and expertise of our employees and the support and commitment of our Board of Trustees. An $11.8 million gift from the board is enabling me to set a new course for the Institute. My goal is straightforward -- I want all of our research to be aimed at making a difference in human health. I want to bolster our research portfolio to include more diseases of aging. I want our researchers to be able to access and develop the most sophisticated technologies to support rapid progress. Ultimately, my vision is to make the Buck an integrated hub for research on aging including the best basic research, translational research on human aging, a vibrant collection of startups and investors and a clinical center focused on healthy aging. I encourage you to support our endeavors. I look forward to meeting you and expanding the community of those engaged with our science. Come and visit us! Warm regards,

Eric Verdin, MD
Larry Rosenberger

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