Women’s reproductive organs are considered geriatric in their early 30’s.

Image of a human egg cell.

Menopause makes your body age faster.

We don’t know why human females undergo a decline in fertility at midlife.

OVA: Science. Health. Equity.

OVA is a membership program supporting our groundbreaking research in reproductive and menopausal health. Our goal is to improve women’s reproductive choices and empower women with more control over their lives. That’s why we established the Center for Reproductive Longevity and Equality, the first facility focused solely on meeting this goal.


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Women who go through menopause later tend to live longer, as do their male siblings.

Extended fertility correlates with longevity in women. Brothers of late fertile women appear to have a longevity advantage. Ossewaarde et al., (2005)

Female reproductive aging is understudied despite its profound impact on women’s health.

Would you like to demystify reproductive longevity? Improve women’s scientific research funding for answers? If so, you’re invited to become an inaugural OVA member!

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Reproductive Longevity and Equality Affects Us All

Menopause sets off a cascade of negative health effects in women’s bodies that impact bone, cognitive, cardiovascular and immune function. By extending a woman’s reproductive span, we seek to empower women with more control over their lives.

What is OVA? It’s a community and a movement.

OVA is a membership group offering educational and engagement opportunities for people interested in women’s health. Our aim is to create a community where our members help us define our goals and determine how we grow the movement to improve funding for scientific research for reproductive and menopausal health.

Join us for OVA Hour, a series of webinars devoted solely to the field of women’s health, medicine, and reproductive longevity on the first Thursday of every month.

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