Business development and technology transfer

We know excellent science takes place all over the world, and we want to collaborate with the best and the brightest.

Let's get to work: The biotech industry and the Buck

There are many ways to advance scientific discovery toward translation and ultimately a potential therapeutic intervention. At the Buck, our Business Development group is tasked with identifying ways to make that happen. Buck science is at the forefront of the field of aging research. Many of the technologies, platforms, and discoveries in our labs are available for partnering through our Business Development group. Buck Business Development works to license, partner, and enable both Buck science and novel science in which Buck has expertise. We work with all types of biopharmaceutical companies, from multinationals to start-ups. We are all about getting things done to move the science forward to help people live better longer.

Creating value together

Through licensing and/or research collaboration, we partner with companies to create relationships that work. It’s from these relationships that we hope to see continued progress in translating Buck discoveries and inventions into potential therapeutics. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your ideas for partnering with us.
Material Transfer
Business Development is responsible for authorizing and approving material transfer in and out of the Buck. If you are interested in obtaining novel materials, you will need the consent of the relevant Buck principal investigator and you will have to complete our Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). Please contact us so we can work with you to complete the MTA in a timely manner. Buck’s MTA form for universities and nonprofit institutions can be found here.
Incubation Space
From time to time, Buck can make lab and office space available to partners and industry. The Buck’s unparalleled cores and facilities allow for industry partners to take advantage of access to not only our campus but also our seminar series and our scientists.
Contact: Remy Gross
VP of Business Development 415-493-3639