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Buck celebrates 30 years of research on aging with major symposium

Leading scientists from across the nation gathered at the Buck on December 3rd to celebrate research on aging, a field that kicked off three decades ago with a finding showing that lifespan in animals could be extended via genetic manipulation.  

More than 350 researchers, aging-science aficionados and supporters of the Buck attended the day-long event which featured presentations and panel discussions that chronicled early discoveries, marked progress over the years and highlighted new technologies and efforts poised to deliver treatments to those suffering from age-related conditions. 

“We were thrilled to organize and host an event celebrating a field that, I think, will revolutionize medicine,” said Eric Verdin, MD, Buck Institute President and CEO.  “Drugs that have the potential to treat and prevent age-related disease are being tested today in clinical trials. Assuming their success, it’s easy to imagine the positive impact that those and future treatments will have on all of our lives.”

Speakers at the event included:
George Martin, MD, University of Washington
Tom Johnson, PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder
Cynthia Kenyon, PhD, Calico
Leonard Guarante, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gary Ruvkin, PhD, Harvard Medical School

Judith Campisi, PhD, Buck Institute
Jan Vijg, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Steven Austad, PhD, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Luigi Ferrucci, MD, PhD, National Institutes of Health

Stephen Quake, PhD, Stanford University
Deepak Srivastava, MD, Gladstone Institutes
Stanley Qi, PhD, Stanford University

Ned David, PhD, Unity Biotechnology
Jim Mellon, Juvenescence
Victor Dzau, MD, National Academy of Medicine
Joan Mannick, MD, resTORbio

Science is showing that while chronological aging is inevitable, biological aging is malleable. There's a part of it that you can fight, and we are getting closer and closer to winning that fight.

Eric Verdin, MD, Buck Institute President and CEO

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