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Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Live Better Longer blog!

by Eric Verdin, President and CEO of the Buck Institute

Why write a blog on aging now, you may ask. A quick internet search will show you there are many blogs on aging already out there—but I wanted to take a different approach. This blog is not just another blog about aging, it’s a blog about aging science. We will explore topics surrounding the latest scientific studies and what they can tell us about the biology of how we age and how we can do so healthfully.

My goal for this blog is to be a resource for our community where I will discuss the best advancements modern science is making in the field of aging and age-related disease research and put that into the context of what it might mean for you.

These days, there is a lot of conflicting information out there as well as a good dose of misinformation (unfortunately). I will use this blog to try to clear up some of those misconceptions and highlight the best and strongest evidence we have for how to live a longer, healthier life. Of course keep in mind that any of the studies I discuss here are just that, studies. They may provide evidence for potential new treatments and courses of action, but I must stress that if you are interested in making any lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, and supplements, please consult your physician first because as we all know by now, your mileage may vary.

At the Buck Institute, we are working hard to end the threat of age-related disease for this and future generations. Today, we are at an inflection point in our understanding of the underlying biology of aging, and we are close to seeing our groundbreaking discoveries in model systems translated into the clinic. The increases in lifespan, and more importantly in healthspan – the healthy years of life – that we have achieved through therapeutic intervention in model systems such as flies, worms, and mice are truly remarkable. However, as I often remind our team of dedicated scientists, while we rightly celebrate these cutting edge scientific achievements, the real test will be to translate these discoveries into patient care.

I have the great privilege of leading the Buck Institute, the world’s first and leading research organization focused solely on aging, at this incredible time.

I invite you to check out this blog regularly, where I’ll share my personal thoughts on new breakthroughs in the science of aging, talk about how to separate hype from fact, and even weigh in with some suggestions from my own life (warning: I’m an exercise fanatic!).

I hope you will join me in my discussion of the latest aging research and perhaps discover new ways to live better, longer.

Science is showing that while chronological aging is inevitable, biological aging is malleable. There's a part of it that you can fight, and we are getting closer and closer to winning that fight.

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