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There’s still so much to learn about the ketogenic diet! Great summary of the current scientific debate from the NYTimes! #livebetterlonger

Becoming a parent shouldn’t be a nail-biting experience— wait until they’re crawling for that! @techreview discusses how our groundbreaking new Center will shine a spotlight on the connection between women’s health, fertility, and aging #livebetterlonger

Read about how Advait Thaploo, winner of the high school Summer Scholar blog contest, spent the summer discovering a new way to induce cellular senescence #livebetterlonger

Matter cannot be created or destroyed. Maybe that’s why increased waistline in middle age is associated with brain thinning in later years? Higher BMI can accelerate brain aging by 10 years! #livebetterlonger

Buck faculty Dr. Pankaj Kapahi thinks it’s time to check your #uricacid levels. Red meat & alcohol, age and genetics can elevate uric acid, increasing disease risk. His new paper in @PLOSGenetics shows flies with high uric acid had short #lifespan