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Lending our expertise to the fight against COVID-19

Because COVID-19 disproportionately impacts older adults and there is a direct correlation between increased age and negative outcomes, the current pandemic has particular meaning for the Buck Institute. We are taking an all hands on deck approach to tackling this pandemic, bringing our unique expertise in the biology of aging to local, national, and international efforts to find treatments for COVID-19. Scroll down for all the latest news and videos.

COVID-19 Webinar Series

In full support of California’s efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the Buck Institute is enabling the safe expansion of on-campus research activities while continuing to protect the health of our Buck, Novato and Bay Area communities. Employees who can do their work remotely are continuing to work from home. Scientific activity in the labs is being prioritized while adhering to strict social distancing, mandatory masking, and other safety protocols, and a 50% maximum workforce density at any one time. We are proud that several of our labs have converted their priorities and are now interrogating the connection between the aging immune system and susceptibility to COVID-19.

The Buck’s leadership team is in communication with county, state, and federal officials, and we continue to offer the Institute’s resources and scientific and technological expertise to aid in efforts against the spread of the pandemic. All public events remain canceled until further notice.

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