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Lithium Profoundly Prevents Brain Damage Associated with Parkinson’s Disease

...that lithium’s safety profile in humans is well understood greatly reduces trial risk and lowers a significant hurdle to getting it into the clinic...

Low-dose lithium prevents Parkinson’s symptoms in aged mice with a human mutation for the disease

...argument for further studies, potentially even early phase clinical studies of low-dose lithium as a disease modifying agent in PD...

Drug Commonly Used to Treat Bi-Polar Disorder Dramatically Increases Lifespan in Nematode Worms

...lithium impacts many genes...

The Buck is awarded three federal grants to target aging to prevent or cure Alzheimer’s disease.

...the mice...

Buck Institute Study Suggests New Strategy for Treatment of Stroke

...stabilizers such as lithium–may be suitable for study in human clinical trials...

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Andersen Lab

Lab focus The Andersen lab concentrates on understanding the underlying age-related processes driving neurodegenerative diseases in order to identify novel therapeutics that slow or prevent them from occurring...