Morphology and Imaging - Services

Laboratory Services
-      Tissue processing, embedding, and sectioning (frozen, paraffin, plastic or floating)
-      Histological Stains: H&E, cresyl violet etc.
-      Immunohisto- or Immunocyto-chemistry with enzyme substrate development (HRP, AP) or fluorescent secondaries
-      Immunogold staining - Gold coupled to species-specific IgGs for electron microscopy
-       Flowcytometry – for fluorescent-activated cell sorting (FACS) 
Imaging Services
-      Functional Imaging: FRET, FRAP, mitochondrial and plasma membrane potential measurements, photoactivation/uncaging, etc.
-      Conventional microscopy - Brightfield, DIC, fluorescence (blue/green/red/infrared)
-      Confocal laser and two-photon microscopy-immunolocalization, colocalization, time-course, slice culture etc.
-      Transmission electron microscopy-ultrastructural studies
-      Image acquisition - Confocal laser or digital CCD images captured in black & white or color from the upright or inverted microscope.
Image Processing Services
-      Bitplane Imaris - modules include Imaris, FilamentTracer, Colocalization, AutoAligner-for 3D reconstruction and analysis for fixed or functional imaging data.
-      Huygens Deconvolution – for 3D or 4D datasets
-      Image Analyst - for 2D (plus time) intensity based analysis of functional imaging data
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