Discovery Day 2011

Infineon Raceway

Saturday, November 5th

11 am – 4 pm

FREE EVENT Happening Rain or Shine!

This celebration will be the high point of North Bay Bay Area Science Festival (BASF) activities. Families are encouraged to attend this fun interactive event – it’s all designed to get kids excited about science, math, engineering and technology.

The Buck Institute is a major sponsor of the event, along with Agilent Technologies, BioMarin, Infineon Raceway and Kaiser Permanente. Major exhibitors include the Buck, Santa Rosa Junior College, Kaiser Permanente, Agilent Technologies, Lawrence Hall of Science and Sonoma State University.

Parking is free, including VIP parking for electric vehicles. Exhibits range from wildlife to genetics to robotics. For more details on the various exhibits, follow the links below. Here’s how to get to Infineon.

Check out our photo album!

North Bay Exhibitors

Build a Catapult – Agilent After School Challenge
Agilent Technologies
Marin and Sonoma students compete to see whose catapult launches the farthest.

Build an Airplane – Agilent After School Challenge
Agilent Technologies
Marin and Sonoma students compete to see whose airplane flies the farthest.

Agilent Product Display
Agilent Technologies
Did you know that more than half of the world's cell phones are tested with Agilent equipment, and some of it is invented and developed in Santa Rosa? See products and technologies developed at Agilent’s Santa Rosa site that help enable wireless communications worldwide, including a spectrum analyzer!

Become a Scientific Illustrator!
American Society of Botanical Artists
See where Science and Art come together as you watch local botanical artists demonstrate how to paint extraordinarily lifelike illustrations. Color your own wildflowers to take home.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Make a delicious healthy treat while meeting scientists doing cutting-edge biomedical research!

The Magic of Milk
Clover Stornetta Farms
Explore the dairy science of milk, cheese and yogurt! Learn about protein coagulation, milk chemistry, and more. Take home a recipe to make your own yogurt at home. Free samples available!

Elephant Toothpaste
Dominican University
Learn how to make toothpaste for elephants! Watch what happens when chemicals react. 

Earth Talks With KidsTM
The Earth View Society
Bay Area Author, Mr. LandTM combines hands-on activities, music, storytelling and slide shows all around his theme of teaching environmental awareness. This interactive presentation empowers school-aged youth to realize their vital role in helping to protect Earth.

Bay Area Puma Project
Felidae Conservation Fund
Learn about the Bay Area Puma Project. Check out the remote motion-activated camera, images, video, and more!

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