Discovery Day Exhibitors S 2011

Infineon Raceway

Saturday, November 5th

11 am – 4 pm

FREE EVENT Happening Rain or Shine!

This celebration will be the high point of North Bay Bay Area Science Festival (BASF) activities. Families are encouraged to attend this fun interactive event – it’s all designed to get kids excited about science, math, engineering and technology.

The Buck Institute is a major sponsor of the event, along with Agilent Technologies, BioMarin, Infineon Raceway and Kaiser Permanente. Major exhibitors include the Buck, Santa Rosa Junior College, Kaiser Permanente, Agilent Technologies, Lawrence Hall of Science and Sonoma State University.

Parking is free, including VIP parking for electric vehicles. Exhibits range from wildlife to genetics to robotics. For more details on the various exhibits, follow the links below. Here’s how to get to Infineon.

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North Bay Exhibitors

Geocache Hunt
Santa Rosa Junior College – Computer Studies Department
Hunt for clues and hidden treasures on the festival grounds as you learn about geocaching and enter to win prizes.

Art to Invention
Santa Rosa Junior College – Art Department
SRJC art instructor Michael McGinnis shows an artist’s experience of moving from an idea to a creation by exploring the evolutionary process of invention.

3-D Animation
Santa Rosa Junior College – Computer Science Department
Have you ever played a video game and wondered how it was created? Find out about the exciting, rewarding, and lucrative venture of 3-D Animation and game programming.

Launder Your Dirty Water
Santa Rosa Junior College – Applied Technology and Water Resources Technology Program
Stop by and learn how dirty water is laundered!

Investigating Life and Evolution: From Microbes to Mammals
Santa Rosa Junior College - Life Sciences Department
Look through a microscope at soil bacteria and learn why they produce most of our antibiotics. Examine the pelts, skulls and skeletons of mammals and find out what makes them suited for survival in challenging environments.

Here Comes the Sun!
Santa Rosa Junior College - Earth and Space Sciences Department
Use a telescope with a special filter to see the Sun like never before, including Earth-sized magnetic storms and sunspots. Learn about the birth, life, and eventual death of our Sun by making a bracelet with colored beads to represent the different life stages of our nearest star. Reveal invisible ultraviolet radiation with color-changing jewelry that can alert you when you're being exposed to these harmful Sun rays.

Chemistry Everyday, All-Day
Santa Rosa Junior College - Chemistry Department
Live chemistry demonstrations, goodie bags, and handouts with fun chemistry activities you can do at home!

Diet Cola and Ment-O Explosion
Santa Rosa Junior College - Chemistry Department
See what happens when diet cola meets a Ment-O! Hear an explanation of the reaction.

What's the Connection?
Sonoma County Water Agency
The Russian River Watershed, Drinking Water and Salmon are all connected. Come find out why by moving water through a watershed model and playing a salmon survival game.

Create Your Own Pulsar
Sonoma State University
Build your very own model of a pulsar, a spinning neutron star, using clay, LEDs and a watch battery. Take it home and show it off to your friends!

The Buzz in the Garden
Sonoma State University Entomology Outreach Program (Field Stations & Nature Preserves)
Did you know that most garden insects are allies? Learn about garden allies, including lady beetles, native bees and earthworms.

Restoring San Francisco Bay Wetlands
State Coastal Conservancy
The Coastal Conservancy works with scientists of many types to study and restore tidal wetlands all around San Francisco Bay. Come see how wetlands are being put back where they once were, who is doing the work and what that means for the Bay Area.

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