Discovery Day Exhibitors N - R 2011

Infineon Raceway

Saturday, November 5th

11 am – 4 pm 

FREE EVENT Happening Rain or Shine!

This celebration will be the high point of North Bay Bay Area Science Festival (BASF) activities. Families are encouraged to attend this fun interactive event – it’s all designed to get kids excited about science, math, engineering and technology.

The Buck Institute is a major sponsor of the event, along with Agilent Technologies, BioMarin, Infineon Raceway and Kaiser Permanente. Major exhibitors include the Buck, Santa Rosa Junior College, Kaiser Permanente, Agilent Technologies, Lawrence Hall of Science and Sonoma State University.

Parking is free, including VIP parking for electric vehicles. Exhibits range from wildlife to genetics to robotics. For more details on the various exhibits, follow the links below. Here’s how to get to Infineon.

Check out our photo album!

North Bay Exhibitors


Robotics in Action
Penguin Empire Robotics
Check out these award-winning pole climbing and beach ball throwing robots. With direction, you may be able to operate them too!

SmartMeterTM Technology
This one-of-a-kind experience is empowering California residents to take control of their energy savings using SmartMeterTM technology. Through a variety of fun and educational interactions, learn helpful energy saving tips.

Drive a Robot
Pioneers in Engineering
Drive a robot using a simple game controller! Learn about different aspects of robotics.

LEGO Engineering Challenge
Play-Well TEKnologies
Learn about engineering with motorized LEGO projects. Enter the raffle to win a LEGO set!

DNA Extraction
Program in Biotechnology Education (PROBE)
Extract and spool strawberry DNA! See the “stuff of life” with your own eyes!

Education Energized by the Sun
Rahus Institute – Solar Schoolhouse
In this photovoltaic parallel power water pumping challenge, simulate photosynthesis by becoming a branch holding a leaf. A solar powered lunchbox, whirlygig with music, boombox, and more will be on display.

Our Star and Its Planets
Robert Ferguson Observatory
The sun is a very active place! Safely look at our closest star, the sun, through a telescope with solar filters. Learn about sunspots and solar flares and prominences. Get acquainted with our solar system while you make a scale model that fits in your pocket.

Hands on Robot Bugs
The Robotics Society of America
Operate a hexapod robot walker! Make it walk around a tabletop robot arena.

What's Under the Dock?
Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies
Discover the colorful world that exists under docks, pilings and boats in the San Francisco Bay. Touch live sea squirts, anemones, mussels, snails, seaweed and more!

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