Glenn Foundation Fellowship

Glenn Foundation Research Training Fellowships in the Biology of Aging

The Buck Institute for Research on Aging (the “Buck Institute”) is the only freestanding institute in the United States that is devoted solely to basic research on aging and age-associated disease. The Buck Institute’s mission includes training the next generation of researchers in aging. Since its founding in 1965 the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research (“GFMR”) has supported basic research to better understand the biology that governs normal human aging and its related physiological decline, with the objective of developing interventions that will extend the healthy years of human life. The Buck Institute and the GFMR have partnered to co-fund 10 postdoctoral fellowships with the objectives of (1) training and preparing future leading researchers in the mechanisms of biological aging and its relationship to the chronic conditions of aging; and (2) promoting leading research into the biology of aging.

The Glenn Foundation Research Training Fellowships are preparatory training for a full-time academic and/or research career, and involve substantial research or scholarship. The appointee works under the supervision of a Faculty Mentor in the institution, Glenn Fellows receive a stipend (based on NIH recommended levels), training, professional development and mentorship during the appointment period. The appointment is temporary and not to exceed two years.

Program Highlights
Fellowship appointments are renewed annually for a maximum of two years; stipends are commensurate with experience and follow NIH recommended postdoctoral stipend levels. Trainees will gain knowledge in the mechanisms of biological aging and its relationship to chronic disease. Trainees will gain skills in critical thinking to evaluate new research findings.  In addition, trainees will receive instruction in written and verbal skills that enrich their publications, grant proposals, and oral presentations. Ongoing seminar series, basic science and clinical lectures, well-organized journal clubs, and research meetings will provide up-to-date information and intellectual cross-fertilization that can lead to the next wave of major discoveries in the field. Glenn Fellowship Policy and Procedures document can be found here.

Selection Criteria:

  • Applicants must have a doctoral degree by the date of award activation; 
  • Must have a Buck Institute Faculty Sponsor;
  • Should demonstrate significant potential and propose to undertake one or more innovative, original and independent research projects;
  • Should be able to demonstrate significant scientific productivity in the form of publications in peer-reviewed journals;
  • Willingness to contribute to the aims and vision of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and to collaborate with existing members of the Institute is also essential.

Openings will be announced as they occur.

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