The Buck Cellfy Camp

WHAT:     The Buck Cellfy Camp 
WHERE:   Patxi Pizza Learning Center
WHEN:    program dates to be announced in January 2018
WHO:      Designed for students aged 12-14 years old
COST:     $400 for the week
QUESTIONS:   Contact the Learning Center Administrator at: (415) 209-2000 x 6161; or email to:

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The human body is made of 30 trillion cells, but what are they doing in there? While all cells can eat, grow, move, and communicate with other cells, they can also be very different from one another.  Some are loners, while others live communally with complex organization in tissues. In fact, at least half of the cells in our body are not even human cells—they are microorganisms living inside of us!

How, exactly, do cells accomplish the complex tasks of life? What tools and materials do they need? And what are the key characteristics that define a cell? This innovative course leads students on an exploration to provide answers to these questions.   Through hands-on activities, cell culture, microscopy, and 3D modeling and printing students will gain a basic overview of the inner workings of the cell!

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