BAC 2012 Oman Photos

2 ladies at the front desk

 landscape of palm trees, blue ocean, and prominent seaside cliffs

 three men seated in an outdoor cafe before a blue pool  three men in the opulent lobby of the Al Bustan Palance
 two men seated on sofas in Al Bustan lobby  interior of women's prayer hall at the Al Qaboos Grand Mosque
 smiling couple in front of intricate carvings  two parrots perched on block walls
 brilliant chandelier against a dome background  6 ladies in scarves in front of elaborate and beautiful designs
 8 men in front of decorated arch  man pushes baby stroller across marble plaza
   3-storey palace with funnel-like columns
 sand-colored fort guards the water from hilltop  ancient fort on the rocks next to modern palace
 crystal chandelier catches the sun's rays  two men in suits talk at an outdoor table
 man in formal Omani garb talks with two men in suits at luncheon  three seated men enjoy lunch on the terrace
 woman standing in archway admires minaret  Man in tie stands before elaborate wooden door
 colorful group posing in front of a palm tree  two sailboats with blue and white sails
 twilight view of hotel taken from the boat  
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