Delegation from Leading Turkish Pharmaceutical Company Visits the Buck

Collaborative Possibilities are Explored

October 5, 2011  Novato, CA  The Buck Institute hosted a delegation from Abdi Ibrahim, Turkey’s leading pharmaceutical company on October 5. The delegation included CEO, Ms. Candan Karabagli, Business and Development Director, Mr. Matthias Heidt, and Research and Development Director, Dr. Ferhat Farsi. Abdi Ibrahim is ranked among the top 100 pharmaceutical companies in the world with a market share of 7.6 percent in Turkey; the company exports its products to more than 20 countries which totals $31 million.

The meeting highlights the Institute’s global outreach efforts and was a follow up to preliminary talks that took place in Istanbul, Turkey this summer at Abdi Ibrahim involving Buck President and CEO, Brian Kennedy, PhD and Senior Vice President for Institute Relations, Raja Kamal, PhD. Buck Advisory Council Member, Mr. Mehmet Celebi was instrumental in setting up the initial meeting. The recent visit to the Buck was planned following encouraging discussions about possible collaborations and potential translational licensing agreements.

While here, Ms. Karabagli, Mr. Heidt and Dr. Farsi toured the Institute and met with Buck Faculty members Chris Benz, MD; Dale Bredesen, MD; Pankaj Kapahi, PhD; Gordon Lithgow, PhD; Victoria Lunyak, PhD and Remy Gross III, Director of Technology Transfer. Kennedy stated, “The budding relationship between Abdi Ibrahim and the Buck Institute presents propitious opportunities for both parties. We have the potential to introduce Buck discoveries into Turkey for the first time. Abdi Ibrahim executives expressed enthusiasm about Buck’s advancements in science and expanding facilities. We look forward to more productive conversations and an eventual business partnership.”

For more info about Abdi Ibrahim:
Abdi Ibrahim Has Been Selected as One of the Top Ten Companies in the Innovation Category of the 2011 European Business Awards

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