Buck Institute Partners With AnswersMedia LLC to Expand Consumer Directed Education to Promote Healthy Aging

August 28, 2012  Novato, California Educating the public on how to extend healthspan – the healthy years of life - has always been an important part of the Buck Institute’s mission. The Institute’s efforts to educate, encourage, and promote lifestyle choices that support healthy aging have taken a leap forward through a partnership with Chicago-based convergence media company AnswersMedia LLC. The Buck and AnswersMedia have partnered to incorporate the Buck Institute’s knowledge of healthy aging and disease prevention into AnswersMedia’s ground-breaking WellRight™ and AgeGage™ health and wellness programs.

These innovative web-based, socially-enabled platforms use game mechanics, interactive content, rich media and digital coaching to engage consumers. AgeGage™ is a unique science-based health risk assessment tool; WellRight™ is an accompanying health and lifestyle management program.

“We are very excited about the potential of both of these programs to spur new habits and promote public health,” said Brian K. Kennedy, PhD, Buck Institute President and CEO.  “We recognized that it was time to leapfrog our educational outreach from a mostly local approach to include programs that are available to national and international audiences. We think AnswersMedia is the perfect partner for this effort."

Buck scientists are contributing authoritative content focused on healthy aging and the prevention of age-associated conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease for WellRight™ and AgeGage™. “Consumers are hungry for evidence-based information that will enable them to more fully understand their health status and make good decisions for their future, and their family’s future,” said Jeff Bohnson, founder and CEO of AnswersMedia, LLC. “The Buck’s world-class scientists bring invaluable expertise to our platforms. Their input will help us deliver top-quality health content that is professionally vetted and deeply relevant for consumers who want to give themselves the best chance at a long, healthy life.”

WellRight™ and AgeGage™ are being marketed to a wide variety of health care stakeholders. These innovative products are at the heart of a health improvement system that can be used by healthcare organizations wanting to encourage good health habits. These digital solutions are also much in demand by employers who want to adopt a cost-effective approach to modifying employee behavior and improving their quality of life, helping reduce absenteeism and lower employer healthcare costs.

“These were the most interactive, engaging, innovative platforms we’ve found anywhere in the marketplace. I look forward to assisting AnswersMedia in making these products available to the public,” said Denise Kalos, the Buck’s Institute’s Vice-President for Wellness Programs. “AnswersMedia understands game theory -- their application of interactive technology makes these health and wellness programs uniquely engaging and rewarding for consumers.”

Kalos also said she is impressed with the rich content the digital solutions provide in the area of nutrition. “There are 1,000’s of recipes available in WellRight™ as well as a library of 45,000 ingredients. This allows consumers to discover the nutritional content of their favorite family recipes and gives them options for making healthy ‘tweaks’ if they want to,” she said.

Those interested in learning more about WellRight™ and AgeGage™ should contact Denise Kalos at 415-209-2029 or dkalos@buckinstitute.org

About the Buck Institute for Research on Aging
The Buck Institute is the U.S.’s first and foremost independent research organization devoted to Geroscience – focused on the connection between normal aging and chronic disease. Based in Novato, CA, The Buck is dedicated to extending “Healthspan”, the healthy years of human life and does so utilizing a unique interdisciplinary approach involving laboratories studying the mechanisms of aging and those focused on specific diseases. Buck scientists strive to discover new ways of detecting, preventing and treating age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, cancer, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, diabetes and stroke.  In their collaborative research, they are supported by the most recent developments in genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics. For more information: www.thebuck.org.

AnswersMedia, LLC. is a Chicago-based convergence media communications company and a leading developer of integrated, multi-media publishing platforms for global corporations and organizations.  Uniquely structured around the convergence of four creative and technology disciplines — Design, Interactive, Production and Media Networks, AnswersMedia helps clients do more with their internal and external communications.  Using custom designed platforms to integrate, manage and distribute video, audio, graphics and text across the key corporate areas of Sales & Marketing, Retail, HR, PR, IR, and Learning & Performance Improvement, AnswersMedia designs and delivers agile, cost-effective communications solutions based on sound strategy, reliable technology and measurable results.

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