Buck Institute Celebrates National Postdoc Appreciation Week

September 17, 2012  The Buck Institute for Research on Aging is proud to take part in activities supporting National Postdoc Appreciation Week September 17 – 21. In most research organizations it’s the young scientists—the postdoctoral fellows who have completed their PhDs—who do the yeoman’s work in the laboratories. The Buck Institute is no exception.

The following is a letter from Buck Institute President and CEO Brian Kennedy:

Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude and that of the faculty and staff at the Buck Institute in wishing you the best on National Postdoc Appreciation Week.  While I am out on another trip to represent the Institute, my thoughts are here. I think you will agree that aging and age-related disease research is critical to the well-being of an increasingly aged population and my goal is to find the resources so that you can make the discoveries that lead to a better understanding of these challenging biological phenomena. I am sure I speak for all faculty when I say that postdoctoral fellows are the lifeblood of the Buck Institute. There are currently 66 of you in 19 of the 20 labs at the Institute and I have no doubt that the majority of the published data here is dependent on one or more of you.

I remember the good and the bad of my postdoctoral fellowship days.  The freedom to do research was the great benefit. The downside was the great unknown. Would I publish high profile papers and get a faculty position? What did I want to do with my life? We at the Buck are committed to making your postdoctoral days as enjoyable and productive as possible, and continue to look for ways to enhance your experience. Let us know how we can get better.

Have fun at your party and have one for me.




Brian Kennedy, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Buck Institute for Research on Aging       

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